Internships and Volunteering Opportunities | Promimpresa EU PROJECTS

Call for interns!

We are happy to offer internships and/or volunteering opportunities. These opportunities are offered being physically present in our offices in PALERMO (Sicily, Italy) or remotely.

Internships are unpaid, yet we strive to offer international interns not in receipt of a maintenance or other grant a basic food and transport allowance. Applications from persons based in Palermo are welcome!

We ensure that our interns are fully integrated within our Operational Team, and that the internship is an interesting and learning experience Each intern is assigned a staff member as supervisor, also to ensure constant mentoring and guidance.

Induction training to provide to all interns, also to gauge interests, areas of expertise and capacities. A reference letter, or letter confirming the internship is provided to all interns.

We also do our best to offer a fun experience!

What are our interns involved in?

  • Planning projects, activities, and strategies
  • Research and data collection including interviews
  • Participation in local and overseas trainings, meetings and conferences
  • Organization of project activities
  • Communication activities
  • Administration and logistics

What do we require from our interns?

  • excellent reading and writing skills (English).
  • an understanding of human rights principles and values.
  • academic qualifications that match the position being applied for.
  • enthusiasm and initiative!

How to apply?

You can apply contacting us on EUPROJECTS@PROMIMPRESA.IT sending:

  • a cover letter;
  • an updated CV;
  • an indication of when and for how long you will be available to collaborate with us